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Founded in 2000, ELEGRP is a world-leading manufacturer of intelligent electrical and electromechanical equipment, such as residual-current devices, wiring devices, smart home devices, wires and cables, and domestic water pumps. We have three major centers in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Wenzhou. Our products are widely used in household appliances, personal care appliances, smart bathrooms, power equipment, and building electrical systems. We also provide solutions for healthy home appliances, smart HVAC, bathrooms, smart buildings, and smart home systems. ELEGRP operates in more than 40 countries and regions including China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India. We have set up storage and distribution centers and customer service centers in China and North America to meet customer needs and provide assistance in a timely manner. We have established strategic partnerships with global home appliance giants, leading power equipment manufacturers, smart product integrators, and international chain stores.

Going forward, ELEGRP will continue with our user-centered approach, improve electrical appliance safety, expand smart appliance and smart home applications, and provide users around the world with safer and more convenient products, services, and solutions.

  • 2000
    Founded in
  • 3000+
    Number of employees
  • 40+
    Export countries and regions
  • 400+
    Patents and intellectual properties
ELEGRP Overview
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    Total Area of Manufacturing Base
  • e2icon2.svg
    Florida, US / China
    Direct Fulfillment Centers
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    Efficient & Intelligent Customer Service Online System
    After Sales Service Centers
  • e2icon4.svg
    US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, etc.
  • Canada
  • US
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • India
  • Suzhou,China
  • Shanghai,China
  • Wenzhou,China
  • SEA

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