Residential and Commercial Building Solutions

ELEGRP has developed building solution products that consider the safety, smart device, and resource management needs of buildings and construction projects. Our solutions feature a deep synergy with the people, machines and objects within structures. 

Our line of residual-current products provide a comprehensive solution to the safety issues that arise in modern buildings. Our smart control, smart dimming and sensor products use IoT technology to flexibly meet the needs of residential and commercial buildings. Our products enable customers to expand usage applications, reduce energy consumption and loss, and create safer, more environmentally friendly, comfortable, and energy-saving building ecosystems.

What We Offer

ELEGRP’s residential and commercial building product modules ensure safety, reduce energy consumption, and maintain efficient, stable and continuous operations in buildings.

Residential and Commercial Building Solution Features

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    Green and energy-saving

    Green and environmentally friendly materials contribute to energy sustainability.

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    Easy integration and collaboration with hardware, software, subsystems, and broad ecosystems.

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    Personalization and customization

    A multidimensional and diversified personalized experience.

For more consultations about the use of scenarios and technical architecture, please contact our sales and technical support team
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