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    Create and bring the ultimate brand into each family around the world.
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    Being professional in safe electricity. Being linked to comfort life.
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New Products


  • Household Appliances

    ELEGRP manufactures electrical protective equipment, which encompasses a wide range of household appliances, including residual-current devices and sterilization modules. Our products feature a high level scalability and combine with each other flexibly.

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings

    ELEGRP understands the electrical, lighting and residual-current needs of buildings and complexes. Using this knowledge, we develop products that have deep synergy with the people, machines, objects within building structures.

  • HVAC and Bathroom

    Not only can our HVAC and bathroom solutions be used for residential heating and ventilation projects, they are also suitable for smart toilets, electric water heaters and integrated stoves for kitchens,and more.

  • Smart Home

    ELEGRP’s “Home + Wireless” solution is our answer to the smart home industry. Our solution enables multi-environment, multi-user interactions. With the Internet of Things at its core, our APP realizes comprehensive smart home management.

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