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P15 In-line Type

In-line Type (CCC)

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    • Cord Protection with Portable Residual Current Devices (PRCD), developed independently by ELE Group, is a new safety protecting product with several national patents. ELE products are widely applicable as power supply cords to home appliances and similar facilities.
    • Residual Current Protection: Trips if the current in the loop exceeds the value initialized in the PRCD. This function complies with the National Standard GB/T 20044-2012 .
    • Supply cord protection: Protects the power supply cords with the American technical specified by UL1699. Trips when there is Current Leakage (<5mA), which may be caused by aging wire, wire abrasion and animals bite (specially designed against the damage caused by pet in the city, mouse in the countryside and unconsciously cutting by children).
    • Ground charged protection: When "G" is charged, it will cut off the power supply automatically.
    • Bolt overheating protection: It will cut off the power supply automatically when the temperature of the plug exceeds the setting value. (e.g.Poor quality socket causes the temperature rise up between socket and male plug).
    • Power supply indicators function.
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