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  • Features
    • Reference standard:UL62 UL1581 & CSAC22.2NO.49
    • Rated voltage: 300V
    • Rated temperature: 60℃ ~ 105℃
    • Bare stranded copper conductor
    • Color-coded PVC insulation and jacket
    • Outdoor-use cord type SPT-1W SPT-2W
    • Passed UL VW-1&CSA FT2 vertical flame test
    • APPLICATION: SPT-1&SPT-2 For use in household clocks, fans, radios and similar appliances
    • APPLICATION: SPT-2 is for heavier construction than SPT-1
    • APPLICATION: SPT-3 For heavy-duty use in damp locations, especially suitable for refrigerators and room size air conditioners
    • APPLICATION: The “W” in the type letters indicates that suitable for outdoor
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